Competition Program – Learn to Train

Program Details

CADS Alberta Zones can operate a Zone-Club competition program that encompasses adaptive alpine skiing or snowboarding with race-based training at a club level. Regular training sessions coupled with shared race events will occur throughout the season under supervision of the coaching staff. CADS Edmonton operates a “Learn to Train” program of athlete participants from the Edmonton club that are new to competition. These athletes are interested in pursuing the competition stream that have reached an intermediate level of adaptive skiing or snowboarding ability on the hill.

The goal is to provide a higher level of learning than the regular CADS program would offer. “Learn to Train” will include team based on-hill instructional coaching using tools such as race gates/courses, timing and video review. Training sessions and races will occur at both Rabbit Hill and other regional ski resorts to offer varied terrain and environments. The implementation of these strategies will improve athletes’ skills and bring training in-line with what is used in higher levels of the sport.

This program provides the more advanced student with an opportunity to further their skiing/snowboarding abilities. The program is held at Rabbit Hill, on the same evenings and times as the regular CADS Edmonton program; with an opportunity to attend mountain camps throughout the season. This program has been designed to provide advanced students with a chance to develop higher-level techniques, on varied terrain and snow conditions to help progress them to independent skiing/snowboarding. Volunteer instructors/coaches are assigned to the group based on their coaching certification as well as their experience.