Athlete Development – Learn to Train

Program Details

This program provides the more advanced student with an opportunity to further their skiing/snowboarding abilities. The program is held at Rabbit Hill, on the same evenings and times as the regular CADS Edmonton program; with an opportunity to attend mountain camps throughout the season. This program has been designed to provide advanced students with a chance to develop higher-level techniques, on varied terrain and snow conditions to help progress them to independent skiing/snowboarding. Volunteer instructors/coaches are assigned tothe group based on their coaching certification as well as their experience.

Training objectives include:

  • Refining basic skiing/snowboarding skills & safety/awareness
  • Technical free skiing/snowboarding
  • Introduction to new varied terrain/conditions in the mountains
  • Introduction to safely loading/unloading new lifts
  • Learn to Train, Train to Train & Learn to Compete

Participants at entry level should:

  • Have developed basic skiing/snowboarding skills
  • Be able to ski/snowboard top to bottom easily on moderate terrain
  • Be capable of loading and unloading from all ski lifts without assistance, as appropriate
  • Be capable of putting on and taking off ski/snowboard equipment without assistance