School Field Trips

Program Details

CADS Edmonton offers adaptive skiing and snowboarding instruction for school field trips. This program is a coordinated effort between the school, the ski area and CADS Edmonton and allows for every student, regardless of ability, to experience skiing or snowboarding with their classmates.

If you are a teacher or parent planning a field trip and know of someone who would benefit from our adaptive program please contact us. Since all of our instructors are volunteers we cannot guarantee availability. The earlier we know about your event the easier it is for our volunteers to find time in their schedules.
For more information, and to request an adaptive instructor(s) for your school field trip please download the School Request Form and email it to

If the school field trip request can be filled with a volunteer(s) instructor, a CADS Alberta one day ($10) or multi day (2-3 days) ($20) membership is required for the student and TA or parent if assisting. Please register on line to purchase your CADS Alberta Membership once CADS instructors are available for the field trip:

The membership/program fee is payable to CADS Edmonton to help cover the cost of the volunteer(s), use of equipment and administration. The fee is $50/student for one CADS Edmonton instructor. If an additional instructor is required it will be $50 for the second instructor.  Schools can provide a parent/teacher aid or assistant to avoid the need for an additional instructor. They will require a one day or multi day CADS Alberta membership to assist/volunteer.

Family, Friend, Caregiver – One Day Membership

Volunteer – One Day Membership